Aroma massage is a gentle massage with essential oils – smooth, caressing and stretching movements help aroma oils to absorb.

  • balances the organism


  • thyroid diseases 
  • allergic diseases 
  • inflammatory diseases 
  • severe cardiac diseases 
  • tumours 
  • mental illnesses 
  • before sunbathing 
  • before or after significant consumption of alcohol 
  • pregnancy of menstruation 
  • blood coagulation disorders


STRESSED NAPE AND SHOULDERS, i.e. pain, numbness of hands and fingers, tennis elbow, headache, etc. caused by strain in the nape and shoulder area. The pain indicates excessive workload, muscular tension and stress and shows that it is time to do something for yourself.

The well-known Finnish aromatherapist Ulla-Maija Grace has developed a mixture of aromatic oils for the alleviation of these particular problems together with the respective massage technique.


  • pain in the nape and shoulder area
  • muscular tension
  • tingling sensation in fingers and hands
  • tennis elbow
  • headache
  • muscular cramps
  • mental overworking, stress


  • alleviation of muscular tension
  • alleviation of pain
  • improvement of blood circulation and metabolism
  • alleviation of stress
  • restoration of the capacity for work


  • pregnancy
  • breastfeeding
  • tumours
  • intoxication with alcohol or narcotic substances

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Elasticity, metabolism and blood circulation of the problematic area will be restored with special techniques, and with the help of essential oils if necessary.

For attaining a beautiful result a longer-term treatment course is needed.

Also suitable for prophylactic purposes, in order to prevent the accumulation of fat.


Chocolate massage is suitable for all those who strive to escape stress in a uniquely pampering way.

Chocolate has a special effect on the body, both physiologically and emotionally. Chocolate releases the so-called "happiness hormones", makes you feel better and accelerates the body metabolism processes. Chocolate massage is a truly wonderful experience. Afterwards your skin will have a pleasant and tempting fragrance.

The massage with light peeling efficiently stimulates the fat-burning process, improves your figure and reduces cellulite, i.e. the "orange peel" appearance of the skin.

The antioxidants and flavonoids in the cocoa bean nourish, moisturise and soften the skin, inhibiting its aging.

Important ingredients: cocoa bean powder, red algae fine powder, remineralising agents.


This massage can be performed for single parts of the body or for the whole body, according to the client’s wishes and needs.


  • relaxes painful and tense muscles
  • accelerates metabolism 
  • activates the lymphatic circulation 
  • cleans the organism of waste substances 
  • improves blood circulation 
  •  has a relaxing effect against mental and physical stress 
  •  course of massage treatment will increase organism’s ability to resist diseases


  • severe cardiac, renal and pulmonary diseases 
  • malignant tumours 
  • Inflammatory diseases 
  • contagious diseases 
  • blood coagulation disorders 
  • varicose veins and phlebitis


Zone therapy or reflexology means influencing the whole body via manipulation of various points on the soles of feet. Both soles are massaged with thumbs, fingers and knuckles in a certain order, direction and strength.


  • calms, sooths and relaxes 
  • stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation 
  • relieves pain 
  • improves the metabolism 
  • strengthens the immune system 
  • balances the hormonal system


  • mental tension, stress, depression 
  • headache, neuralgia, myalgia and arthralgia 
  • cold hands and feet 
  • gastrointestinal problems 
  • thyroid functioning problems 
  • allergy


  • all acute diseases 
  • malignant tumours 
  • pregnancy 
  • artificial joints 
  • cardiac stimulator

Due to a long-term effect, zone therapy is usually performed once a week (depending on the problem up to 5 to 10 times).


Originate from Asia.
Honey massage starts with a back massage and is continued with other parts of the body; possible to have a partial honey massage.


  • normalises blood pressure 
  • purifies the organism from toxins 
  • is suitable in case of stress and fatigue 
  • alleviates joint and muscular ailments 
  • skin becomes smooth and elastic


  • severe cardio-vascular diseases 
  • acute inflammatory diseases 
  • skin diseases 
  • pregnancy 
  • allergy to honey 
  • excessive body hair growth (mostly men)

It is recommended that you do not eat before the procedure. After honey massage, it is advised to drink herbal tea. Honey massage may be painful.


The Indian head area massage is one part of the ancient system of ayurveda healing that teaches us to take care of our bodies and prevent illnesses. The head area massage is a daily activity in India. It not only keeps the hair in good condition, but also stimulates our natural healing powers and brings harmony to our body and soul.
Champi therapy – a treatment procedure of massaging the back of the head, the neck, the face and the shoulders to affect our energy channels. The massage removes energy channel blockages that can lead to health problems. When the flow of energy through the body is hindered, the person experiences stress and pain, including tension headaches, the hair becomes thinner, men can even go bald, etc. The head area massage is good for the eyes and ears, it also cleanses the nasal cavity and the ear canals, reduces neck and shoulder stiffness, and calms you down when you experience anxiety, such as during examinations or in case of insomnia.


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Lava stone massage is an eastern healing art meant to balance the body and soul.

This procedure combines the massaging of energy centres or chakras with stone and hand as well as influencing of chakras with semiprecious stones. Pre-heated lava stones are placed on the body. When coming into contact with the skin, they pass on heat and solar energy, thereby reducing muscle tensions, expanding blood vessels, regulating digestion, metabolism and the hormonal system. Heat also opens up energy channels and releases energy blocks, thereby toning up the whole organism and balancing the energies within.Lava rock massage is a deeply relaxing procedure that removes tiredness and stress. 

• whatever condition contraindicating a regular massage

• skin diseases and skin changes that might increase due to heat and moisture

• skin sensitivity disorders

• cardiac diseases contraindicating higher temperature environments

• varicose veins

• pregnancy  


A specifically slow and gentle therapeutic massage with rhythmic pressure on the subcutaneous tissue. This massage is intended for reducing oedemas while taking into account the structure and functioning principles of the lymphatic system.


  • helps to reduce and avoid oedemas 
  • helps to remove waste substances from the organism 
  • improves immunity


  • oedemas (including facial and eye area oedemas, oedemas during pregnancy, post-traumatic and post-surgical oedemas) 
  • chronic lymph drain disorders 
  • pre and post plastic surgery therapy 
  • acne 
  • ulcers on legs 
  • scars (will become less visible, smaller, smoother) 
  • rheumatic diseases, rheumatoid arthritis 
  • migraine 
  • strengthens the immune system 
  • loosing hair 



  • malignant tumours 
  • acute inflammations 
  • cardiac insufficiency 
  • thrombosis 
  • unexplainable skin changes 
  • severe renal diseases

Contraindications for a neck massage:

  • cardiac arrhythmia 
  • hyperthyroidism 
  • carotid sinus syndrome

Contraindications for an abdominal massage:

  • acute diseases in the abdominal-pelvic area 
  • colitis 
  • unexplainable pains 
  • menstruation 
  • pregnancy 
  • constipation

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Sports massage is a type of therapeutic massage which is designed to boost the body’s recuperative abilities and to restore it as a functional whole, as well as to increase its capacity to reduce overall fatigue. It is an effective method of preparing for competition (in lieu of training) and battling tiredness. The massage uses special techniques to boost athletic capacity, prepare the body for extensive muscle use and accelerate recuperative processes. Attention is turned to specific groups of muscles (and their connection points) which take maximum strain in the given sport. The massage is used to quickly achieve and maintain the necessary level of athletic fitness. It is more intensive than an ordinary massage and meant primarily for athletes, with the aim of improving blood supply to the muscles and the elasticity of connective tissue, preventing injuries and helping to overcome injuries that have already been sustained. Therapeutic massage can be effective after episodes of intense physical and mental strain. It is recommended in the case of post-traumatic treatment, muscle pain and spasms and joint

pain. It is not recommended in the case of infections, internal and heart conditions, tumours, varicose veins and pregnancy.
The treatment lasts for 75 minutes.


Thai aromatherapy oil massage unites the ancient traditions of aromatherapy and the energy lines of Thai massage. The pleasant aromas stimulate the mind and body through the cognitive centre of the brain, while the gentle massage works to relieve both physical and mental stress.
Essential oils can be used to alleviate tension and sleep disorders, reduce fluctuations in blood pressure and relieve muscle tension and pain. Massage boosts circulation and outflow from the lymph gland, and has a positive effect on digestion.
Thai aromatherapy oil massage is relaxing, restores balance and can even have an analgesic effect. Massage is very effective against depression and mental exhaustion, has a positive influence on the digestive system and encourages the production of hormones.
This type of massage is not recommended in the following cases: allergy, haemophilia, infectious skin diseases, illnesses involving infections and fevers, heart problems, fractures or oedemas, cancer, alcoholic or other intoxication, medication with antibiotics or antidepressants and less than 5 months since an operation.
The massage is preceded by a short conversation during which your general health is assessed. This forms the basis of the selection of essential oils to be used.
Our masseurs were some of the first in Estonia to learn the art of Thai aromatherapy oil massage from specialists in the field.
Come and feel the benefits of this massage, which is sure to restore balance and harmony!


Thai foot massage is based on reflexology foot charts of traditional Chinese medicine and stimulation of points with a stick. Oils and ointments are used with a smooth massage technique according to Indian Ayurvedic teachings. Also energy lines of feet are followed which are known from the Thai traditional massage Nuad Borarn.


  • improves blood circulation
  • improves the function of the gastrointestinal and excretory systems
  • helps in the case of mental problems (stress, depression)


  • acute (viral) disease or fever
  • severe cardio-vascular diseases
  • tumours
  • problems with leg bones (low bone density, recent traumas, a fracture less than 6 months ago)
  • open wound on the leg
  • skin diseases on legs (rash, inflammation)
  • menstruation
  • pregnancy
  • alcohol intoxication


  • do not eat much at least 1 hour before the massage
  • drink 1 glass of warm water or herbal tea after the massage

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Suction cup or vacuum massage is an ancient Chinese alternative treatment method. By using rubber or silicone cups a vacuum is created. Due to this vacuum, skin and subcutaneous tissues are sucked into the cup.


  • Improves lymphatic and blood circulation and metabolism of tissues 

  • decreases oedemas 

  • removes toxic wastes 

  • decreases muscle tensions


  • neuralgia, myalgia and arthralgia 

  • asthma, bronchitis 

  • insomnia 

  • cellulite 

  • against skin ageing 


  • all acute diseases 

  • severe cardiac and renal diseases 

  • tumours 

  • varicose veins, phlebitis 

  • skin diseases, ulcers, raised birthmarks 

  • pregnancy 

  • tendency for haematomas, coagulation disorders, anticoagulation therapy 

  • mental illnesses, epilepsy 

  • consumption of alcohol or narcotic substances before the massage 

  • infants or people older than 80 years 

  • not suitable right after a sauna

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Waterbed massage equipment offers almost all the advantages of thermotherapy, hydrotherapy and classical massage. When lying on the water mattress, a person will not come into contact with water, the body is fully supported and the lying position makes one feel nearly weightless. Water jets follow the basic movements of classical massage depending on the chosen mode (from calm caressing and patting to strong conical and crescent-shaped whirling). It is possible to select a body part for the massage and to concentrate the therapy to certain muscular groups.


  • improves the overall well-being of the organism 

  • facilitates general relaxation 

  • alleviates muscular tensions 

  • waterbed massage may be used as a supporting therapy to all physiotherapy procedures 

  • warming effect increases tissue elasticity, improves metabolism and blood circulation 

  • is suitable for achieving mental relaxation, for example relieving sports stress or work related stress

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