We give You more choices!

Change buffet gatering, which is included in the package, to a la carte restaurant two-course dinner Read more
Date 08.06.2022

New spa treatments

Several new services have been added to our selection of spa services. Read more
Date 18.08.2021

We have joined the Goodwill Agreement

We confirm that we have done everything in our power to protect guests from the possible risk of catching the virus. Your health is taken care of when staying the night here. Read more
Date 21.05.2021

New booking system

Best price guaranteed. Booking is now simple, fast and convenient. Read more
Date 18.05.2021

The popular Tervis Medical Spa Hotel is now renewed and much improved

In summer and autumn of 2017 we updated the reception area, the buffet restaurant and sauna- and watercentre of Tervis Medical Spa Hotel. Read more
Date 27.11.2017

We received Cerfificate of Excellence

Tervis Medical Spa recevied the Cerfificate of Excellence issued by the world's largest travel portal TripAdvisor. Read more
Date 18.06.2015

Infrared ray treatment

The range of services offered by Tervis Medical Spa has a new procedure that doctors may prescribe for certain conditions: the infrared ray treatment. Read more
Date 19.03.2015

Pärnu SPA Tervis received 3 stars as a medical spa hotel

Assessment of spa hotels and classification according to categories gives spa customers an opportunity to objectively and more clearly assess different spa service offerors and choose the most suitable among them. Read more
Date 11.07.2008