Sports centre

Movement is a basis for the healthy way of life. You will have different opportunities for maintaining good health at Spa Tervis.

Our sports centre includes a gym, sports hall, water aerobics and running pool.

 Wishing you an active holiday,
Spa Tervis

NB! The Leisure Center (sauna and water centre, swimming pool, sports hall, gym) is closed entire day in 2024 for maintenance: 16.04; 21.05; 16.07-17.07; 15.10. During the maintenance week we are closed from 09.12 until 12.12.2024 at 15.00.
Hotel guests can take a morning swim in the exercise pool. On maintenance days / week hotel clients are welcome to free access of the water park (3 hours) and the gym in Tervise Paradiis.


The spacious fitness gym is open 7 days a week. 15 different kinds of fitness equipment are at your disposal. Also persons who have little training experience feel comfortable on Gym80 trainers and in the fitness gym with Matrix cardio equipment. The equipment is safe and easy to use.


You can participate in healthy morning exercises and therapeutic exercises every day in our sports hall. The hall is very suitable for ball games. There are all facilities for playing basketball and volleyball. You can also choose from a range of group training sessions, which are led by our best trainers.


At our sports centre you have an excellent opportunity to participate in various training sessions. The training sessions take place in the exercise pool, which is on Floor II of the Sports Centre.