Medical Specialists

Gynaecologist Dr Urve Pappa has started to work in Tervis Medical Spa Hotel's treatment department.

Dr Urve Pappa is well-known and acknowledged gynaecologist who has helped and advised many women during her more than 20 years long career. 

The clients of Tervis Medical Spa Hotel can make a reservation for an appointment with Dr Pappa by phone +372 447 9230 or by e-mail

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At the Tervis Medical Spa Hotel, you have an excellent opportunity to fix uour smile during your holidays! 


In the dental department, there are offices for therapy and surgery. It is possible to have dental prosthesis made or repaired.

dental treatment is open Mo-Fri 8am-3pm.

Additional information and reservations on phones +372 445 0341.

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In the Tervis Medical Spa Hotel is located an office of the Tartu University Hospital's Men's Clinic, lead by estonian top men's doctors Olev Poolamets and Margus Punab.


The Tartu University Hospital's Men's Clinic is the largest specialised health institution in the Baltic and Nordic states that is aimed towards men.

The office is open Mo-Fri 8:30am-5pm
Phone at the registry office of the clinic +372 73 19 100

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