Buffet restaurant menu for groups over 20 persons

Orders tel: +372 447 9200
E-mail: sales@spatervis.ee


At the buffet restaurant of Tervis Medical Spa hotel, we offer a special buffet menu for groups of 20 or more. For groups of 15-20 people, we offer a group menu, and for small groups we recommend the à la carte menu at KUU restaurant.

Conditions for ordering a special buffet menu:

  • A special buffet menu is available for groups of 20 people or more.
  • Please select one menu per group.
  • The menu is served in the buffet restaurant.
  • Please place your order and make any changes to it no later than 3 business days before your scheduled lunch or dinner date.
  • We offer lactose/gluten-free dishes on special order.
  • Price per person.
NB! The special buffet menu cannot be selected for the seminar package and other packages that include lunch or dinner buffet. If desired, a special buffet menu can be ordered separately.

Further information and ordering: sales@spatervis.ee, telephone +372 447 9200

Buffet restaurant menu for groups