Sauna and water centre

Sauna pleasures wait for you at Sauna and water centre.
You can spend time in one sauna or try all possibilities. Between sauna sessions, you can freshen up enjoying various water pleasures.

NB! The Leisure Center (sauna and water centre, swimming pool, sports hall, gym) is closed entire day in 2024 for maintenance: 16.04; 21.05; 16.07-17.07; 15.10. During the maintenance week we are closed from 09.12 until 12.12.2024 at 15.00. On these days the saunas, pool, sports hall and gym will be closed for the entire day.
Hotel guests can take a morning swim in the exercise pool. On maintenance days hotel clients are welcome to free access of the water park (3 hours) and the gym in Tervise Paradiis.

The choice is yours!