Water aerobics is invigorating and stimulating. In the water environment, the body is light and the joints without burden. It is suitable for everyone, both old and young. Ability to swim is not required. Water aerobics Includes exercises for all muscle groups, as well as simpler coordination, stretching and relaxation exercises. There are separate groups for the elderly and people with cardiac problems.
In the cardiac group the tempo of exercises is according to the abilities of participants.
Some swimming aerobics equipments are used, like noodles, water dumb-bells, water gloves and swimming boards. The water temperature is 28 -30ºC. Duration of training is 30 min.

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A series of exercises, composed by a recovery treatment doctor or by a physiotherapist, helping to recover muscle and joint functionality. Our exercising plan is based on the European renowned programme PhysioTools.


  • muscle and joint system diseases 
  • cardio-vascular diseases 
  • nervous system diseases

Tervis Medical Spa offers spa therapy customers a completely new approach to movement therapy. The therapeutic exercise takes place on nine training devices, each of which is designed to maintain the tone of various muscle groups. The intensity of training can be easily adjusted and two opposing muscle groups can be trained at the same time. With circuit training, users can effectively perform a full cardiovascular and strength training in less time. By the end of the training session, all 18 major muscle groups, which affect the performance of daily activities, will be hit. Muscle tone training and the improvement and retention of muscle coordination is easily achievable. Regardless of the age and physical ability of the user, all major muscle groups can be trained safely, effectively and comfortably on these devices. The devices are ergonomic and are suitable for seniors with physical peculiarities or possible earlier traumas. The circuit training is guided by movement therapy specialists, who may change or add exercises depending on the customers’ needs.