Buffet restaurant menu for groups over 20 persons

Compose your own special buffet restaurant menu!

At the buffet restaurant of Tervis Medical Spa hotel, we offer a special buffet menu for groups of 20 or more. For groups of 15-20 people, we offer a group menu, and for small groups we recommend the à la carte menu at KUU restaurant.

Conditions for ordering a special buffet menu:

  • A special buffet menu is available for groups of 20 people or more.
  • Please select one menu per group.
  • The menu is served in the buffet restaurant.
  • Please place your order and make any changes to it no later than 3 business days before your scheduled lunch or dinner date.
  • We offer lactose/gluten-free dishes on special order.
  • Price per person.
NB! The special buffet menu cannot be selected for the seminar package and other packages that include lunch or dinner buffet. If desired, a special buffet menu can be ordered separately.

Further information and ordering: sales@spatervis.ee, telephone +372 447 9200

Special buffet restaurant menu

Please select 2 options from the list below

Orange marinated chicken
Stewed beef in red wine sauce
Fish fillet in cheese sauce
Chicken curry
Baked pork in mustard sauce
Low-temperature cooked salmon fillet
Pork fillet in BBQ sauce

Please select 2 options from the list below

Baked potatoes
Curry rice
Mashed potatoes
Boiled potatoes with herbs
Vegetable au gratin
Vegetable and bean stir-fry
Vegetable ragout

The cold sour cream sauce is served with the main dish

Please select 8 options from the lists below


Potato salad with meat
Potato salad with ham
Surimi and rice salad
Green salad with fetaki
Green salad with kebab
Green salad with shrimps
Green salad with smoked chicken
Rosolje (herring, beet & potato salad)

Anchovies and egg mousse on rye bread
BBQ-flavored pork
Smoked chicken mousse canapé
Herring tartare on a rye crisp
Herring with spring onion and sour cream
Cheese tartlet with сloudberry jam
Zander tartare on a rye crisp
Tartelette with mushroom & bacon
Tartelette with shrimp mousse
Cold-smoked trout fillet with cucumber marmalade
Cold-smoked salmon fillet appetizer with mustard cream
Breaded mussels with tartar sauce
Pork meat tartare with horseradish cream on rye bread crisp
Mushroom and onion salad on rye bread crisp
Sous vide pork loin with spicy chutney
Tortilla roll-ups with surimi
Tortilla roll-ups with spicy kebab
Beef cheek steak tartare with horseradish cream on rye bread crisp
Lightly smoked duck breast with strawberry and rocket salad

Cheese & fruit platter
Farmer’s cheese and strawberry cake
Panna cotta
Fruit appetizers

The price includes water, bread, and coffee/tea.

Price: 25 € / person

Tervis Medical Spa Hotel reserve themselves the right to change the prices.