Membership in organisations

Estonian Spa Association

The Estonian Spa Association unites 18 spa treatment institutions all over Estonia. Spa Tervis has been a member of the Association since its opening.

The Estonian Spa Association deals with fostering and promotion of spa treatment in Estonia and outside its borders. The members of the Association visit tourism fairs together and publish articles in the print media of other countries. They receive delegations from other states and do everything in their power in order to steadily increase the number of tourists in Estonian spas.

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The Green Key

Spa Tervis was awarded an international eco label diploma the Green Key in April 2008.

Spa Tervis that has been offering professional spa treatment on Pärnu beach for 37 years is one of Estonia’s oldest, the most experienced and largest establishments offering rehabilitation treatment and spa relaxation.

The environmentally sustainable thinking and operating have accompanied the company for years. One of the outputs of a quality service is promotion of healthy services through environmentally conscious activities. Appreciating environment we also appreciate a human being and the society.

The aim of the environment policy in Spa Tervis is to protect and conserve the surrounding nature and human health, to promote and introduce healthy human environment and lifestyle.

For more economic use of water and electricity the company uses special resource effective equipment. The cleaning agents and domestic chemicals have been chosen based on the principles of the Green Key.

Spa Hotel and Water park Tervise Paradiis, a subsidiary of Spa Tervis, was awarded the Green Key Diploma in 2006.

Green Key is an international eco label for accommodation establishments that was first used in Denmark in 1994. In Estonia it was initiated in 2001 by Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications in cooperation with the centre of tourism development of the Estonian Regional Development Agency of Enterprise. The Green Key is used altogether in 9 countries – in addition to Denmark and Estonia also in France, Greenland, Lithuania, Sweden, Belgium, Holland and Portugal.

You can get more information on the principles of the Green Key on their homepage

Let’s protect our nature!

 3 stars as a Medical Spa Hotel

According to the decision of the assessment commission for spa hotels the medical spa hotel Tervis situated close to Pärnu beach was awarded three stars as a medical spa hotel. Medical spa hotel is a recognised hotel having a licence for offering outpatient health care and according to its speciality also offers several rehabilitation services, diet catering and other medical spa services (e.g. treatment massage, therapeutic gymnastics, therapeutic water gymnastics, etc.).

Assessment of spa hotels and classification according to categories gives spa customers an opportunity to objectively and more clearly assess different spa service offerors and choose the most suitable among them.

Conformity with requirements is inspected by a 7-member assessment commission which includes representatives of Estonian Association for Quality, Tourism Development Centre of Estonian Regional Development Agency of Enterprise, Estonian Association of Travel Agencies and Estonian Spa Association.