Infrared ray treatment

The range of services offered by Tervis Medical Spa has a new procedure that doctors may prescribe for certain conditions: the infrared ray treatment.

This modern treatment procedure is based on the new type of infrared halogen lamps used to warm the selected area evenly and safely. This type of heat treatment can be effectively combined with other available treatments to contribute to the effect of combined therapy and reduce the recovery period.

Infrared ray treatment is included in treatment packages.


  • acute and chronic muscle pains
  • joint and muscle stiffness, arthrosis
  • poorly healing wounds and ulcers
  • chronic spinal cord disorders,  ischias
  • thermal treatment of muscles before the massage 
  • chronic inflammatory diseases


  • severe cardiovascular system diseases
  • all acute inflammatory diseases and exacerbation of chronic diseases
  • bleeding disorders
  • thrombosis
  • decompensated diabetes
  • thyrotoxicosis
  • severe renal insufficiency
  • blood disorders
  • malignancies
  • pregnancy
  • cerebrovascular accident
  • tuberculosis

 Information and making a reservation on infrared  ray treatment

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