Tervis Medical Spa - Employees



Member of the Board Jaan Ratnik jaan.ratnik@spa.ee
Chief Accountant Diana Sits diana.sits@spa.ee
HR Manager Virge Grant virge.grant@spa.ee
Head of medical and spa department Aivar Koppas aivar.koppas@spa.ee
IT Manager Raul Adler raul.adler@spa.ee
Technican Manager and Head of Construction Urmas Niilisk urmas.niilisk@spa.ee
Catering Manager Aivar Vipper aivar.vipper@spa.ee
Administrative Manager Ulvi Kass ulvi.kass@spatervis.ee

Manager of Water Centre            

(Leisure Centre, Water Park, Bowling Alley, Spa&Sport sportsclub)

Karl-Erik Kõrge karl-erik.korge@spa.ee
Sales and Marketing Director Karmen Eisenschmidt karmen.eisenschmidt@spa.ee +372 445 0319 
Sales Coordinator Egle Bräutigam egle.brautigam@spa.ee +372 447 9215
Corporate clients      
Sales Manager for the Finnish market Kathleen Abel kathleen.abel@spa.ee +372 447 9217
Sales Manager for the Finnish and
Estonian market
Inna Jurna inna.jurna@spa.ee +372 447 9216
Sales Manager for the Scandinavian market Annely Reilent annely.reilent@spa.ee +372 447 9214
Sales Manager for Russian market Valeria Mjassojedova valeria.mjassojedova@spa.ee +372 447 9222
Individual clients                           
Reservations   sales@spatervis.ee +372 447 9200