Dr Urve Pappa is working in the Tervis Medical Spa Hotel's treatment department,

on the 1st floor in room 201.

Dr.Urve Pappa

Dr Urve Pappa is well-known and acknowledged gynaecologist who has helped and advised many women during her more than 20 years long career. Dr Pappa is appreciated as a friendly and caring doctor whom  many customers consider as the best gynaecologist both in Pärnu and in Estonia.

Dr. Urve Pappa has graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Tartu
(cum laude), she has worked in different hospitals and clinics and attended numerous training courses. Besides, Dr Pappa is a member of the Estonian Gynaecologists' Society, the Estonian Society of Colposcopy and the Finnish Society of
Gynaecological Surgery.

The clients of Tervis Medical Spa Hotel can make a reservation for an appointment with Dr Pappa by phone +372 447 9230 or                                   by e-mail

You do not need a letter from your doctor to visit a gynaecologist.
Things that are said at the gynaecologist's office remain secret outside of the office.
If diseases are found early and treated fast, curative treatment is usually possible.

An ambulatory visit to a gynaecologist

Do not skip a yearly visit to a gynaecologist even if everything seems to be all right. This way you guarantee that possible health problems are found on time and early enough.

The services offered by Dr Urve Pappa:

  • Girls' gynaecological problems and adolescent worries
  • Diagnostics and treatment of women's diseases
  • Infertility problems
  • Family planning, prevention of unwanted pregnancy
  • Planning and monitoring of pregnancy, screenings during pregnancy
  • Climacterium and menopause
  • Ultrasound examinations
  • Analyses
  • Diagnostics of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Cervical cancer vaccination

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